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Why you Need to Sell your Extra Diabetes Test Kits

If you have diabetes; you need to get comfortable with checking your sugar levels all the time. There are test kits to help you do the monitoring. IT is usually for people with diabetes to have many of these strips in their possession. They may have tested many of these brands until they found the best one for their usage. When you find the one you like, the rest are simply abandoned. These test strips were not designed to last forever. They tend to find their way to the trash cans if left unused for long.

These strips cost a fortune to buy. The disease affects all kinds of people, including those who cannot afford to buy the strips at their premium price. There are also insurance companies that do not cover the cost of these strips. This is where you come in. You can avoid throwing such usable strips in the trash by selling it to them, and make something out of it.

There is the common practice among people with diabetes to keep more strips than needed, as the supply might dwindle in future. Such a practice happening means that it will get to a point where one has more boxes than they can realistically use by their expiry date. It is also possible that you can switch to another brand, thereby having many boxes of the old one you will not use. Diabetes during pregnancy is another example of redundant strips when the stage passes. You can still sell those boxes, as they are usable. When a diabetic dies, they leave behind their boxes of strips. All these scenarios point to the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to supply test strips to those who need but cannot buy at retail prices.

Anyone can sell these strips, as long as they legally own them. The buyer can be anyone, and they do not even need a prescription for this. This does not affect the sale of boxes that have been labelled as not for sale. Such a label is there to prevent retailers from ever stocking up on those are contained therein. The boxes may not sell if they are damaged, expired, or have broken seals. The only condition for selling these strips is that they be in sealed and perfect boxes. They also need to have a minimum of six months before expiry date.

You will find some dealers in the market, who specialize in buying these tips then giving them to the needy, or selling them at a low price. In the end, those who cannot afford them will have a chance to do so. You have the option of choosing whichever dealer you wish to trade with. To avoid so much stress, look for a dealer that will not give you grief when it comes to payment.

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